1. Will I have to enter credit card, Paypal, or Google Checkout information in the Chat window?

Answer : No, the Support Representative will send you a link to click on which will begin the Checkout process. This link will be a Shopping Cart with the Service you are purchasing already added. You will then click Buy Now and will be re-directed to Paypal’s or Google Checkout’s website where you will perform your Secure Online Checkout. The Support Representative will only get a notification from Paypal or Google once the transaction has been approved.

2. Will you be able to access my computer without my permission?

Answer : No, once the payment has been approved by Paypal or Google, the Support Representative will send you a link to click on. You may be asked to download an add-on in order to view the page properly. After the download you will be given a unique 6 digit number. Provide that number to the Support Representative. When the Support Representative enters that number into his/her screen, you will be prompted with a message asking for your permission for the Support Representative to access your computer. Once your computer problem is resolved and the Support Representative no longer needs access to your computer, you simply close the Techinline window. The Support Representive will no longer have access to your computer. If for any reason the Support Representitive will need to re-gain access to your computer, you will once again be directed to the Techinline website where you will be given another unique 6 digit number, and the process will begin again.

3. If I pay before you actually fix my computer problem, what happens if you are unable to fix the problem?

Answer : If the Support Representative is unable to fix your computer problem, we simply cancel the transaction, and you are not charged. The charge is never final until the problem has been resolved and the chat session has completed.